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And Then The World Went Strange

Who would have ever predicted a worldwide pandemic to grace us in our lifetimes? Certainly not me. As a society we horded food, worried about loved ones and job security and binge watched a self-proclaimed King of Tigers to numb the pain. It has certainly been a transformational time over the past few months for the world - and for me.

The vision of The Enchanted Allee started a few years ago in my head as a way for me to just start doing. I loved the idea of crafting, but I had this block in my mind when it came to actually doing it. Why create something if you have no idea what to do with it after it's made? My house can surely take some of my crafty love here and there, but a house full of it would eventually start to look overcrowded and junky.

Thus, The Enchanted Allee. I started this site and started making crafts for local craft fairs. I had a great time building my inventory and trying different ideas from muses I found on youtube. I've always wanted to have my own business, and getting to make a business out of my passion for crafting was a wonderful merger. But Covid came, and with Covid came the subsequent shut down of things like craft fairs and festivals. I was back to not having a reason to make anything. I fell into a creative rut.

It wasn't all bad, though. Having the time at home, with no real place to go, has led me on an inward journey that I think my soul desperately needed. I've been exploring spirtuality more, getting more in touch with nature, journaling and creating just for me. I believe the world needed a pause, and while nobody wants others to suffer, I think this pandemic was needed to reset us all.

I wanted to write this to force myself to just start doing again, but I think this site will encompass much more than just crafts going forward. I am resetting. Yes, The Enchanted Allee was envisioned to be more of a business for me, but I don't have that ambition as much anymore. My ambition changed to reflect more inward, and I'm hoping that my inward will inspire others and create more connection. So will you see crafts on this blog and instagram? Absolutey. I'm a crafty mofo and that won't ever change. It is a big part of my spirit. But you might also see a tarot spread, journal entries, crystals, planner spreads or blogs anywhere from gardening to the rise of the devine feminine.

I have a whole new vision for what I want to work on, and it involves more soul work and sharing soul work with others. It may take some time for me to get everything figured out and that's okay. Good things take time. I welcome you to come along with me and share the journey.

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